Loser James Charles sets world record for fastest time to reach 2 million YouTube dislikes

admin | May 13, 2019 | 0 | Politics

Published on May 11 2019. Number of dislikes = 2.22 million. Ratio of dislikes to likes: 83.18 %

To put things into perspective…
-The video has almost the same number of dislikes as Logan Paul’s apology video for filming and laughing at a dead body at Japan’s suicide forest (Logan’s video took 1 year and a half to rack up 2.2 mill dislikes)
-The video has MORE dislikes than Gangnam Style, which has billions of views and has been released 7 years ago
-In just two days it has one fifth of the second most disliked video on YouTube (Justin Bieber Baby) at 10 million dislikes

At this current rate, the video will easily crack the top 10, and possibly top 5 most disliked YouTube videos of all time. It is currently the 13th most disliked video on YouTube

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