Man charged after disgusting, unprovoked stabbing of a police officer

admin | April 21, 2019 | 0 | Politics

WARNING: This article may contain content that viewers may find upsetting and disturbing.

Mark Thompson, aged 53, threatened three police officers with a knife, for seemingly no reason. He then used his 45cm hunting knife and stabbed Constable Edwards in the back, which police claim was completely unprovoked as they did not know eachother.

Disturbing footage has been circulated which showed the constable screaming in agony as bystanders and other officers comfort him. The video can be found on 7 News. He has been taken to hospital, and has been discharged and is making a recovery. He was visibly still in pain as he returned to a car.

The attacker was arrested by police, and is charged four offences, with the most serious charge being grievous bodily arm. He also faces additional charges of resisting arrest, and will face court tomorrow.

The knife police allege was used in the attack

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