Man arrested after shooting at a family after road rage incident, killing a 10 year old girl

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Acting out of anger can lead to a lifetime of regret. This is evident in a road raging shooting incident in Arizona, Phoenix. According to the victim’s family, it was a minor road incident that led to the fatal shooting of a 10 year old girl. The father of the girl claimed he accidentally cut off the suspect’s car whilst driving, and this infuriated the other driver.

The suspect, Joshua Gonzalez, aged 20 decided to seek revenge for being cut off the road and followed the family until they pulled into their driveway. As the father got out of the car he asked the suspect whats up and what is his deal. The suspect said no words, but instead fired at the man, his car, house and family. The father was hurt, and the 10 year old daughter unfortunately died as a result of the shooting. The family were seen on video visibly distressed and sad and many neighbours gave flowers and gifts to pay their respects.

The suspect was arrested after a tip off from a member of the community who identified Joshua’s truck as the one used in the shooting which police showed to the public. He faces life in prison if convicted and found guilty of first degree murder.

***Rest in peace and prayers to those affected by the tragic death of the 10 year old girl***

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