Famous Mexican actor arrested for fatal punch on elderly victim after road rage incident

admin | April 6, 2019 | 0 | Politics

Pablo Lyle, a famous actor is under heavy fire after he was filmed assaulting an elderly man who confronted him on the roads. He was initially charged with assault, but after the victim died four days later, this could be upgraded to a manslaughter charge.

It sparked outrage, and many of his fans have turned on the disgraced actor, calling him a coward and murderer for killing an elderly victim. Some have still shown support to the man, saying that he did not intentionally kill the victim, and that he only punched the elderly man once out of anger and frustration as the man banged on his car window and yelled at him. Should the actor be charged for manslaughter? Watch the video below and decide for yourself. One thing is for certain, his reputation and career will negatively be affected.

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