Conor Mcgregor gets absolutely destroyed and humiliated in UFC fight against Khabib

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Conor Mcgregor, a popular UFC fighter who tapped out against Nate Diaz, and was knocked out by Floyd Mayweather just got his ass whooped again last Saturday, against the mighty Russian Khabib. The fight was one of the biggest in UFC history, and it is estimated to have over 2 million PPV buys.

Conor Mcgregor was completely outclassed, both on the feet during striking, and also on the ground, where he was pummelled. He was knocked down, and had to resort to illegal cheating methods. The fight was so one sided that some even considered it the most humiliating loss in UFC history.

Watch the little irish p***y tap out like a little girl here


As expected after months of non stop trash talk, he was roasted, shamed and destroyed on all forms of social media. Even his own country turns against him, posting newspaper stories shaming him. Celebrities mocked him too, and even other UFC fighters. Embarrassing stuff. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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