Rapper XXXTentacion shot dead. Soldier.kidd and his friend are accused of murdering him

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A very well known rapper from Florida, XXXTentacion, whose real name is Jahsey Dwayne Onfroy was gunned down in a robbery while he was shopping for motorcycles. The news made world headlines, and thousands of fans paid their tribute and respect, including famous rappers such as Kanye West, Tyga, and even entertainment stars Logan Paul and Justin Bieber.

Hours after his dead, suspicious fans suggested that a rapper who goes by the name of soldier.kidd may be the killer, based on some instagram photos which are very suspicious.

Based on the following evidence, soldier.kidd and his associates have been bombared with death threats and extremely hateful messages, which we will not post because it may be considered highly offensive and inappropriate.

Evidence that links rapper soldier.kidd to the murder of XXXTentacion

  1. The main evidence – red mask. Police reports reveal that two black men were involved in the shooting, and one was wearing a red mask, which can be seen in the Instagram photo below posted hours before the shootings. If this man really did kill him, then how dumb can you be to post a photo of you wearing the same mask you will wear to murder someone.

Image result for soldier.kidd

2. Eating at a restaurant a few miles away from the murder scene, and showing a gun near the food too. Some criminals have no brains

Image result for soldier.kidd chicken

3. The shooters escaped in a black SUV. A black SUV could be found in soldier.kidd’s earlier instagram photos.

4. His instagram name is literally Killerz and Loverz and he regularly brags about shooting people in his rap songs.

Soldier.kidd has denied all involvement and says he has love for soldier.kidd, despite saying he doesn’t even know who he is. He also claimed to be at home all day, when his instagram photos suggested he was at a restaurant not far from the murder scene.

Is Soldier.kidd the killer? Look at the evidence and you be the judge

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