The biggest falls from grace in Mixed Martial Arts

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A common saying is “what goes up, must come down”. This is exactly the case for many MMA fighters who rise to stardom and dominate their sport, then declined and started to lose fight after fight. Some fighters achieve moderate success as well as failure, but theres five fighters achieved GREAT success, and also an equally great downfall.

In no particular order, these 5 MMA stars had the worse downfall

  1. Jon Jones. From being the king of the LHW division and one of the greatest of all time, to being a disgraced drug cheat who failed multiple drug tests. His out of the ring antics and problems do not help his case either. Whether he comes back to fight or not, his legacy and career is forever tarnished. The Lance Armstrong of MMA
  2. Ronda Rousey. A once ever athlete who was so dominant that she would finish her opponent within seconds. She was undefeated, cocky and on top of the world. That is, until Holly Holm kicked her in the head and sent her some humble pie. Unfortunately (fortunately for some), Ronda did not take the loss well, went into hiding and also admitted she cried and was suicidal. Her comeback was an epic failure of astronomical proportions as she was demolished by Amanda Nunes in 48 seconds.
  3. Jose Aldo. The pound for pound king, FW champion who was unbeaten for 10 years. 13 seconds was all it took. He lost his belt, his pride and became known as the 13 second guy, as many more people saw his destruction than rise to stardom.
  4. Anderson Silva – Also one of the greatest who was undefeated for many years on top of his game. Until he decided to clown around with Weidman, getting knocked out. Then it all went downhill. Multiple losses, failed drug tests, disappointing.
  5. Chuck Liddell. Was on the cover of many magazines including ESPN. Was the sport’s biggest star, won many fights in dominant fashion. Rampage Jackson punched him so hard that he was never the same again. There is a chance he has suffered from permanent brain damage, as he recently requested to fight Jon Jones

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