Jose Aldo vs Conor Mcgregor’s 13 second knockout + analysis

admin | May 16, 2018 | 0 | Articles , Celebrity and entertainment , News , Sports

December 12 is a day that will haunt Jose Aldo for the rest of his life. One terrible mistake, combined with skill and precision changed Jose Aldo’s life forever. While Conor got all the praise and glory, and went on to fight Floyd Mayweather, the other, Jose Aldo, was destroyed physically and mentally. His spirit was crushed.

Jose Aldo rushed in foolishly, trying to give Mcgregor an early beating. He took the chances and lunged forward, a mistake that cost him his Featherweight championship belt, his legacy to an extent, his unbeaten record streak and his pride.

Our analysis is that it was not a fluke, but Conor was lucky in the fact that Jose Aldo rushed in, which allowed him to land a perfect counter punch. Jose Aldo’s skills were not truly tested We did not get to see his devastating leg kicks, his take downs, his remarkable take down defense, his quick combinations. All we saw was him dropping to the floor in just 13 seconds.

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