Chester Bennington’s awfully depressing song about his suicidal thoughts

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Chester Bennington is living proof that fame, success, money, millions of fans and being in one of the most successful bands of all time is not enough to beat depression (in some cases). On the outside, he appears to have everything. Good looks, money, fame, a beautiful wife and six kids.

Despite having the “dream life”, he releases songs which describe his frustration and being sick of life. In the song “Given up”, he says “stuck in my head again. Feels I will never leave this space”, implying that his mind is messed up.

In the end, Chester shouts and pleads to God, saying “put me out of my misery” up to six times. The song sadly paints a picture of a troubled man who seems to be suffocating in his own toxic thoughts. A key lesson to be learned is, happiness is not guaranteed if you have money and success, and that your mindset has a major role in happness.

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